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Santa Terezinha's House:

Space includes the workshop room for sewing and crafts, ambulatory, administration, kitchen, cafeteria, museum room, and dormitories.

The old house was acquired when the land was purchased in 2011. It was completely damaged, but through voluntary renovation actions, the recovery began, and at the beginning of 2015 it was fully recovered and expanded with the support of the La Cometa Institution.

Ecumenical Cuisine:

After her visit, the prosecutor Dr. Sonia Suga was touched and wanted to make part of the project by donating to NISES the construction of an open kitchen. It became a space for meetings, meetings, and leisure as a central point of the complex.

Pisetta Family Social House:

As the first new-built physical space, it was established to operate in the social area, including a multifunctional room, the first sewing room and a hall for events and meetings. Built with resources from the La Cometa Institution and with the help of Mauro Pisetta and the constructor De Carlie.

Other actions that had the support of masons and servants from the local community and from other communities were taken to provide more security and convenience for the NISES Complex.

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