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The NISES does not receive currently funds from the government, city hall and institutions for the daily operation of the project, so we need your help.

Donations of food, clothing, money or your participation by dedicating some of your time and effort to the project, would be of great help in maintaining our dream of providing a better life for the needy people in our community. Make an appointment or contact us to find out how to help us.


Any effort is welcome! THANKS!

Make the difference!

Here are some ways to help us:


The NISES organization is experiencing serious financial difficulties after the stop of the monthly support provided by the city hall. During the last year, some activities have been suspended and now school reinforcement is in great danger.

Together we are able to save the most important educational function of the institution!!!

Fund one child's classes for a period of:

Donate education!

EUR 14,00

EUR 28,00

EUR 84,00

EUR 168,00


To make a donation, click here.
Just enter the chosen value.

If you prefer bank transfer, follow our details:

Banco do Brasil
Agencia: 2670-0

Conta: 17087-9

Nucleo de Integracao Social e Educacional de Sapeacu

Donation in Person

Jenipapo, Bahia, Brasil - CEP: 44530-000

Donation Online


Donation by Phone

It is easy donate offline as well!

Tel: +55 75 98104-6770

Institution NISES

“Faith without works
is dead.”


+55 75 98104-6770

Jenipapo, Bahia, Brasil

Because everything here

is done with love
Today NISES is maintained through events, fairs, and occasional donations. It has been suffering a lot due to the financial crisis that the country faces, and it is danger to need to close the doors suspending all the activities that are happening today, due to the lack of public resources of the municipality.
Any contribution helps!

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